KOREAN WINTER HOLIDAYS: Hidden Hotspots & Treasures of Gyeonggi-do! 미즈뮤즈의 경기도 여행지 추천 | meejmuse

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Hey musers,

We promised that Streets of Seoul would return – and now it finally has… Bigger and different!

Thank you for your patience and support and believing in me.

I feel like the whole world has already seen so much of Seoul, with plenty of content revealing the awesome usual hotspots like Myeongdong, Hongdae or Gangnam. We will perhaps explore these places with greater detail in a future episode. But it’s not just Seoul that has all the beautiful people and places. In fact, travel just 1 hour outside of Seoul to begin to find the true natural beauty of this land and its culture!

There is a kaleidoscope of hidden treasures in Korea that I want to explore and discover together with you all, sharing the best locations and #travel destinations you should know about before you ever want to visit Korea for yourself. There’s a whole world out there – let me be your guide!

In this first episode of my new series #Kaleidoscope, I chose to start off in the province of #Gyeonggido during the beautiful crisp Winter holidays. Join me and my friends on the adventure!

Hope you guys enjoy coming along, and welcome to my journey!

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Love always,


🌄 Featured Hotspots


☄ Pocheon Herb Island / 허브 아일랜드
– Herb Island Greenhouse / 허브 식물 박물관
– Bon Appetit / 본 아빼띠
– Venice Shop / 베네치아 가게
– Herb Healing Center / 허브 힐링 센터

☄ Bears Town Resort / 베어스타운
– Bears Town Zipline / 베어스타운 짚라인

☄ Everland / 에버랜드
– Everland Safari / 에버랜드 사파리
– T-Express / 에버랜드 티익스프레스

☄ Konjiam Resort / 곤지암 리조트

☄ Boss Rental / 보스 렌탈

☄ Starlight Garden OOOZOOO / 별빛 우주 정원


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This video was made in collaboration with the Gyeonggi Tourism Organisation.


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