#ymgt_cool VR “Yamadera”

“ #ymgt_cool VR “ is VR videos in which you can go around “Cool” places in Yamagata prefecture and discover hidden “Cool” aspects there.

The third episode “Yamadera” has been released.
Dive into the world of Mountain Temple of Long Stone Steps, the Site Where Basho Read His Acclaimed Haiku.

WATCH MORE EPISODE: http://www.nhk.or.jp/yamagata/cool/en/

The mountain temple is designated as part of the Zao National Park (Class II Special Zone) and has been worshipped from ancient times as a temple to cut bad relationships. It is also well-known as the place where the poet Matsuo Basho visited in 1689 and which appears in his travelogue The Narrow Road to the Deep North. His famous haiku poem “How still it is here . . . Stinging into the stones, The locusts’ trill” was read at this temple.


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