SUMMER CLOTHES HAUL!! Trying on summer clothes – Denim shorts, Spaghetti Crop-top!

Summer is on its way. So here are the best summer clothes that you can try. Beating the heat, this summer clothes try-on haul will help you pick the best summer fashion that make you stand out in the crowd.

These are some two-piece summer clothes that are the perfect fit for the scorching heat. Here is a brief description of the clothes I am wearing this summer clothes try-on haul.

First, a pair of black denim shorts (hot pants) with a sheer top and a black spaghetti. The combination of black all over suits the best summer party outfits.

Second, a floral printed tube top could not be any better paired than this lovely black leather short skirt. The combination of pink tube top and black short skirt is almost deadly in summers.

Third, the last but not the least, a light blue spaghetti crop top is what you need to be wearing this summer. It is comfortable, breezy and suits the blue denim shorts best.

These are truly some of the best summer clothes that you can embrace this summer.


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