Eat Your Sushi: Episode 1

We’re starting a new show called Eat Your Sushi, finally! Basically, it’s just a slice of what’s going on in our lives, kind of like vlogging but without posting every single freaking day. Think of it as a weekly update, with small videos we shoot from time to time, stories we want to share, games we want to play, and things we want to eat. We really hope you like it, and we’re going to keep on working on making it better the longer we’re at it!

And if you’d like to mail us something for the show, or just anything in general, our mailing address in Japan is:

Attn: Simon and Martina Stawski
Breaker Inc
Seizan I, #802
2-26-32 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku
Tokyo-to, Japan

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